eCommerce Digital Analyst - Grandiose Supermarket L.L.C.

eCommerce Digital Analyst

Management Mid Level
Abu Dhabi Dubai Ras al-Khaimah

Job Description

·        Lead data pool management and analysis

·        Analyze, reports and provide optimization insights on the different eCommerce web and app metrics; user acquisition, cost per install, conversion rate, AOV, Cart abandon, retention rate, repeat order rate, etc

·        Analyze, report and provide optimization insights on the various digital activities, channels, and tools; Search, Display, Retargeting, UAC, Social, Email, etc

·        Analyze and optimize the user Life Time Value related matrics; User growth, user acquisition, Cost per acquisition, Retention cost, User revenue and margin value, user repeat purchase rates, user ordering trends, user cost breakeven

·        Analyze commercial performance for eCommerce, Revenue, margins, promotions, categories, products, brands, etc

·        Analyze the web and app traffic and digital performance, Traffic, traffic sources, unique visitors bounce rate, conversion rates, user cohort analysis, etc

·        Analyze data and provide actionable insights on the various eCommerce functions; Order management performance, Last mile delivery performance, etc

Desired Skills

·       Experience in similar role is a must

·       Background of business analysis or digital marketing and PPC management with well understanding of eCommerce

·       Experience in user life time value analysis

·       In depth knowledge of main ecommerce metrics (AOV, LTV, CVR, Cart Abandon, Retention rate, etc)

·       Experience analyzing and optimizing eCommerce ROI and digital spending

·       In depth knowledge of setting and using Google Analytics

·       In depth knowledge of setting and using Firebase analytics

·       Hands on eCommerce Web analytics

·       Hands on eCommerce Apps analytics

·       Deep understanding of the different eCommerce KPIs

·       High understanding of the different types digital advertising and it’s KPIs

·       Highly numerical and analytical thinking approach

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